Sociology at Nagoya University

Sociology is a scientific discipline that seeks to explain social phenomena and social problems by focusing on interactions between people. It is necessary to understand the nature of social relations and social structures in order to think about the future of human society and how it can develop in a sustainable fashion. Founded in 1949 with the appointment of Professor Kiyoji Honda (1896-1972), the Department of Sociology at Nagoya University has become a major center for the conduct of both theoretical and empirical studies. Its aim is to build up sociological theory from an Asian perspective whilst drawing from all existing traditions and trends of the discipline. The department conducts research in a wide variety of issues, both in Japan and abroad, employing both qualitative and quantitative methods. It seeks to contribute to the resolution of social problems, including by making policy recommendations.

Academic Staff


Nobuhiko Nibe ( Profile )
(Theory of Social Classes, Sociology of Group Formation)
Masashi Tachikawa( Profile )
(Sociology of Food and Agriculture, Science and Technology Studies)
Yasushi Maruyama ( Profile)
(Environmental Sociology, Science and Technology Studies)

Associate Professor:

Noriyuki Kawamura ( Profile )
(Sociology of Information, Modern Social Theory)
Kenji Muroi ( Profile)
(Regional and Community Studies, Sociology of Disaster)
Yasuhiro Kamimura ( Profile / Website )
(Welfare Sociology, Comparative Social Policy)
Soko Aoki ( Profile )
(Environmental Sociology, Sociology of Social Movement)
Yasutaka Fukui ( Profile)
(Economic Sociology, Sociology of Social Stratification)


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